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Depending on the size and structure of your company, we suggest, among other things, consulting with an in-house broker.

The in-house broker works completely in the interest of your company.

Commissions that insurance associations take for the services of external brokers are minimized or are eliminated completely. As an alternative, appropriate honorariums are applied. Decisions on adjustment of honorariums and costs associated with the insurance sector will remain in your hands.

One of the primary duties of your broker lies in risk prevention and risk minimization. This also means more protection for reduced premiums. In your company or group, the in-house broker will be the specialist for insurance questions, contract-drafting, for captive, deductibles and non-recourse – as well as for complete insurance- and damage-management. As an expert on your company, he or she will maintain an overview of the full range of processes and changes. He knows the damage-potential of your company and can quickly respond on location.

The coordination of harm-regulation and agreements between policies will be managed by your in-house broker.

There are many advantages to this option. Please feel free to contact us for more information!